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Express Depot

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Express Depot

For the convenience of our favourite people, our Customers, we have built the Brits Poles Express depots. Transport costs a lot and many of our valued Customers come from far to buy our quality poles. Our aim is to offer the same great quality and service, closer to your door.

The Brits Poles Express depots are a smaller version of the bigger Brits Poles Retail Store with maybe less of the ‘nice-to-have’ products and more of the ‘what-you-need-urgently’ products. The service is fast and friendly. If a Brits Poles Express depot does not have what you want, we can have it brought from the Brits Poles Retail Store with the very next order.

The Brits Poles Express depots offer the following products:

  • Treated Poles
  • Untreated Poles
  • Planks
  • Thatching Grass
  • Varnish and Timber Treatment products
  • Threaded Rods, Bolts and Nuts
  • Brackets, Screws and Fasteners

Being closer to our Customers, make our products more accessible and saves on Transport.

Please find the Details of our growing Brits Poles Express depots below:

Rustenburg Brits Poles Express Depot

R510 North (driving from Rustenburg to Boitekong)
Contact Person: Willie Coetzee – 074 248 2719

Damdoryn Brits Poles Express Depot

R104 (from Hartbeespoort Dam towards Brits) – Old Rustenburg Road
Contact Person: Attie Groenewald – 072 252 5667

If you are interested in opening a Brits Poles Express Depot, please contact us.