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Timber News

Timber News – May 2024

Welcome to our monthly Timber News

We are excited to launch our monthly newsletter as a dedicated space to connect to our customers, sharing insightful stories, expert tips, and exclusive offers.  Join us on this exciting journey as we delve into the world of timber.  Thank you for being a part of our community.


Now in stock! – CCA treated planting stakes.  Helping plants to grow by creating a framework for trailing plants.  When plants can continue to grow upward and/or vine, it allows them to get more sunlight from having more leaves with open surface area.  Contact us for more information.


At Brits Poles, we pride ourselves on supplying top-quality Creosote Transmissions poles, renowned for their durability and reliability. Our carefully selected materials ensure that each pole meets the highest standards of quality and performance.  Contact Francois for more information.


Brits Poles is proud to support our community and will be exhibiting at the following events: 11-14 September at Nampo Kaap, 8-10 August @ KragDag and 30-31 August at the Vivo Boerebemarkingsdag. Join us to learn more about our products and our commitment to quality and community engagement.


At Brits Poles we adhere to the South African National Standards (SANS) Specifications in regard to the Quality of our Timber and our Treatments. This ensures that our Clients enjoy the assurance of Quality when purchasing any of our products.
The Accreditation of these specifications are inspected regularly by approved Industry bodies such as ACT, SABS, SAUPA, SATAS etc.

SANS Specifications:

SANS:754  |  SANS:457  |  SANS:1288  |   ISO:9001